About Us

If you thought vegetarian food were bland and boring, you’re in for a tasteful treat. Step into a gastronomic plethora of vegetarian cuisine redefined with a flavourful twist, turning your vegetarian meals into an exciting and tasty indulgence. Imagine indulging in the good old flavours of our favourite local specialities, such as Chicken Rice, Laksa and Nasi Lemak, only to realise that it not only tastes great but it is vegetarian as well!

Much of the world has shifted to plant based eating and this global movement could be here to stay. People today are generally more aware and accepting of healthy eating as a modern way of life, which is why Kwan Tzi Zhai is devoted to bringing the same flair, creativity and taste into our vegetarian dishes, keeping them nutritional yet tantalisingly irresistible. As we are deeply rooted to eco sustainable traditions, you will find only the freshest and natural ingredients used in our kitchen. Under the helm of our chefs, you can be sure to be served a dishful of wholesome goodness with great nutritional value.


To preserve the true flavours of non-vegetarian food and turning them completely vegan friendly was not an easy recipe to master. Which is why we are greatly humbled to be titled as Singapore’s Best Vegetarian Restaurant. Today, Kwan Tzi Zhai allows food lovers to explore the many different flavours infused in our array of vegetarian cuisine, leaving foodies delectably surprised and unable to determine if the meal they have just had, were truly vegetarian – yes, because it is unbelievably tasty!

About Founder

Passionate about her culinary expertise in whipping up delightful vegetarian dishes, Mdm Choo Hong Eng runs the kitchen as the chef-owner of Kwan Tzi Zhai Vegetarian Cuisine.


Widely known for the distinctive flavours that she brings into the vegetarian recreations of Singapore’s favourite local dishes, Mdm Choo is personally behind all the recipes available at the restaurant. Her repertoire in culinary skills of over 25 years has brought her to even replicating some of the locally raved dishes such as Salted Fish Fried Rice and Hokkien Noodles into a delectable vegetarian platter, keeping true to its authentic flavours.


The vegetarian gourmet queen believes that it is important to eat healthy. This inspired her to introduce a burst of palatable flavours into her vegetarian recreations, leaving you wondering how you never knew vegetarian dishes could be this good!